Invoice Terms – Predefined Terms & Conditions

Make your payment(s) to Mutual Alliance Mortgage’s bank account stated below. Please use your full application names as the payment reference. And your loan application will not be process further until the funds have been cleared in the PMI’s account.

Follow below guide to send us (BHK Habitat) the proof of payment for follow-ups:

(1) Log into your portal

(2) Click on “Files” tab

(3) Upload your payment receipt by clicking on “Drop files here to upload” link

That is it!!!


You have received this business communication to ensure you understand the roles and limitations of BHK Habitat Ltd. in this this scheme. Read BHK’s Terms of Service.

BHK respects your privacy. To learn more read our Privacy statement.
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(1) Payments are to be made in Nigerian Naira.

(2) House prices are inclusive of all land charges.

(3) PMI processing fees are non-refundable.

(4) If an invoice has not been paid on the due date, for whatever reason, BHK Habitat Ltd reserves the right to revoke the offer letter and reallocate the house to other qualified candidate without prior notice of default.

(5) The general terms and conditions of BHK Habitat Ltd remain in full force applicable on this invoice.


(a) NHF Mortgage loan service is provided by Primary Mortgage Institution (PMI) as approved and assigned by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) which is not owned by or related to BHK Habitat Ltd.

(b) BHK Habitat Ltd is not responsible for evaluating, granting, administering or managing the mortgage loan and BHK Habitat Ltd does not guarantee or warrant their services.

(c) BHK Habitat Ltd does not assume any responsibility or liability and you agree that you will have no claim against BHK Habitat Ltd in respect of these services and service provider.

(d) BHK Habitat Ltd’s role is limited to assisting NHF contributors with acquiring kano state Government’s houses now available for disposal via National Housing Fund. Granting of the loan service and Administering it is sole responsibility of the PMI.

(e) Payment is collected and received directly by the PMI.

(f) BHK Habitat Ltd will not be responsible for any payment refund or cancellation of the service.

(g) Not exceeding 33.3% of Payment to Income Ratio does not guarantee granting the mortgage loan.

(h) NHF loan grant decision-making remains the exclusive prerogative of the FMBN as stipulated in the NHF act and BHK Habitat Ltd plays no role in the decision-making process.

(i) The customer hereby accepts and confirms that they, prior to availing the above-mentioned service, have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by, without limitation or qualifications, all of the terms and conditions associated with the service.

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